Debbie is an experienced wildlife tutor and gives talks and teaches wildlife related courses in Derbyshire and neighbouring counties. This is a blog about the courses, the wildlife that is seen on them or wildlife sightings by Debbie in her own time.

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  1. Hi Debbie, thought you might like to know we saw wild pinks in the chalk bank by the river at Youlgrave yesterday (and a peregrine being chased by swallows!) and spotted orchids ( I think) in Bottom Moor Wood this morning. Hilary

      • Hi Debbie, the orchids in Bottom Moor Wood vary from tall purple through to a few much smaller white ones. I was there today and they are out in full bloom. The leaves are not always spotted, and when they are they are more splashed than spotted, not like the true dark spots on a spotted orchid.
        I was interested in the DWT report of the Goblin Gold moss. We have been visiting a patch of it on Stanton Moor for at least the last 10 years. (The children used to call it Glow-in-the-dark moss).

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