New Year flowers

Had a walk along the Cromford Canal today to blow away the excess of Christmas and the New Year. Lots of birds about, evidence and mammals and plants in flower.

I am a member of the BSBI and they have had a New Year Plant Hunt for the last 4 years. I recorded nine different flowering plants in flower along our walk – daisy, dandelion, lesser celandine, hogweed, butterbur, white dead nettle, ivy leaved toadflax, annual meadow grass and the fabulous Stinking Hellebore (at Scarthin Rock). Not bad for the second day of the year and 36 hours previously it had been all under snow! All records have now been sent off to the BSBI.

Plenty of evidence of mammals around too – moles (lots of molehills), grey squirrels, fox, field vole and the spot of the day was an otter spraint under a canal bridge. It was also great to see a kingfisher and hear great spotted woodpeckers, nuthatches and see the cheeky looking little grebes.

Otter spraint

Otter spraint


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